Wildlife corridor to RNP

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RNP's wildlife is caught between the Pacific Ocean,  F6 freeway & suburbia

The only wildlife corridor to the Royal National Park & Dharawal -through Otford & Helensburgh is in peril from developers 

Otford is nestled in a stunning lush green valley at the southern end of the Royal National Park. betweenn the plateau of Helensburgh and sheer cliffs of Stanwell Tops. Unique to the coast of NSW, that; despite its proximity to Sydney & Wollongong, much of the 2508 region is still covered in dense semi-temperate rainforest, and inhabited by threatened species such as the Sooty Owl , Powerful Owl & Pygmy possums.

The region has for decades been a favourite destination for tourists, bushwalkers, surfers, bike riders, and nature lovers. And is now the start of the Grand Pacfic tourist drive to the NSW South coast. Always protected by a ridge line of forest the Otford valley, has retained its micro-climate and cooler moist conditions; feeding the springs of the Hacking river and catchment. Despite the horrific wild bushfires of 2001 that destroyed much of the Royal National Park, Heathcote and Garawarra & Wilton, Otford remained lush, moist and unscathed - and consequently a haven for the fleeing wildlife

It is the only remaining wildlife corridor connecting to the Royal National Park

-The deep moist rainforest valley gives shelter in times of bush fire

-Intense and high biodiversity & endangered species in land, aboreal & water life

-Micro-climate & vegetation - the air filter between Wollongong & Sydney

-Encroaching urban sprawl has greatly increased the region's Environmental significance

-Unique to the NSW coast & a favourite destination for tourists

If the developers and land speculators have their way, within a few years the ambience and healthy semi-rural living of Helensburgh & Otford will be replaced with the same stressful congested life that people had once come to this region to escape.  The bushland sanctuary for our endangered wildlife and enjoyment of all, will cease to exist if carved up into tiny pieces. 

Historic parish maps of the Otford, Helensburgh & Stanwell Park area

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Otford Protection Society Incorporated is open to all people who wish to preserve the village lifestyle  and protect the beautiful bushland habitat of the '2508' postcode area and the Royal National Park. If you'd like more information or to join OPS, please click on the link below

Otford Protection Society

Approx 350ha (over 900 acres acres) is currently for sale & still under threat of proposed subdivision & development - a great threat to the environment & Royal National Park, as it is the major wildlife corridor to the parkland. Please add your name request government buy te lands

Save 'Otford Valley for NPWS'

Property Speculators There has been a loud group of property investors, the majority whom don't live in the region that wish to overturn the environmental zoning so that they may profit on the gamble they took in purchasing very cheap acreage over the years. Despite paying peppercorn rates (about $40 a year max for the conservation land) they say they're hard done by & consider it their right to threaten the beauitful environment, the river, Garrawarra & the Royal National Park simply to make yet more money. The environmentally zoned land purchased over the years since the early 1960's was always promoted as non-residential but cheap enough to speculate on.  The purchasers were & are very aware of the risk.

Land release for mass housing development also places a huge strain on existing infrastructure. Despite any new income injection into Council, it does not cover the new expenses to upgrade or expand infrastructure, and as proven recently by Shellharbour Council (following their mass new housing developments) triggers a substantial rate rise for existing residents! Why should our environment and local residents pay for the speculators' gamble?

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